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« TEKAHA-UKULELES » TE KAHA means « TAHITI  & Islands  spirit & soul »
Guitars and ukuleles


Hand crafted in Polynesia the center of the ukulele world Woody Howard uses
the finest wood, rare “Tou” Cordia Subcordata . With this fine wood and his long
experience in wood working, Woody produces  very fine instruments.
“Tou” (as it is called in Tahiti, Kou in Hawaiian) has great tonal properties
and a rich smooth look and feel. Tou wood was reserved only for the high ranking polynesiens because of it's rarity and qualities.

The ukuleles and guitars made by Woody are constructed in the reliable
Spanish method. The Te Kaha ukulele are also played by professional musicians
in Tahiti valued by its sound and artistic qualities.

6 to 8 strings available on order.
Concert models also available on order.
  The Guitars sound boards are made with imported top grade woods for the best
projection of sound on these larger instruments. Honduras rose wood is used for
the sides and back as well as “Tou” wood. Woody’s guitar also has excellent sound projection, play ability, and craftsmanship.  


Hi Woody,

My beautiful, hand made instrument arrived in perfect condition at my office yesterday afternoon. So very exciting! I had a dinner meeting last night so it was late when I clipped my tuning snark to the headstock and play around a little. You made me an absolutely gorgeous instrument. I love it! I will start to practice using the books I have purchased. 

Can you tell me the name of the local wood you used on the front of the uke? I know the neck is rosewood and the back is mahogany.

I will be buying a case for it and will fondly think if my trip to Mo’orea, meeting you and my trip to your shop whenever I am playing it. Wishing you many more years of happy instrument design!!

– Christine

?The wood is called Tou wood  native wood
– Woody


I bought the beautiful tou ukulele about 5 days ago and already I have played it for several hours. The fit, action, and tone are perfect, matching the fantasies of my dream ukulele. Several locals have played it too. At the Moorea airport one of the staff saw it and asked: Woody? I confirmed it was and he played for a bit and then I did a song for them.

We are in Bora Bora now and I will be playing it shortly for our hosts. Nir, our host at Rohotu Fare, was particularly impressed with the tou soundboard. He also wondered what kind of wood the body and neck were made from.

Thanks again for this marvelous, musical work of art.

– Howard Eskildsen

Florent Atem primé à Hawaii avec son ukulele (lire l'article)

Ebony unstained front Milo neck and back body
Black pearl mother of pearl Deluxe model

A happy client with a Hawaiian style ukulele

Christophe Mae achete un ukulele à Woody

Howard vous invite à lire l'article suivant:
Woody se lance dans la lutherie
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A tout de suite sur La Dépêche de Tahiti

Charley Dosias with his new acoustic Guitar made out of the rare Tou wood hand crafted by Woody. Florent Atem with a Tou wood Electric guitar Gibson style. Florent gave a thumbs up and he played us some hot magic music on the guitar.

Florent Atem in his studio with one of Woody’s hybrid Ukulele when he recorded his version of “sweet city woman”. Florent like the ukulele so much he bought it afterwards.

New article on Te-Kaha Ukuleles

Video on Te Kaha Ukulele

Te Kaha Ukuleles at "Made in Fenua" Expo, Tahiti - April28th to May 1st 2011

Made in Fenua exposition booth in Papeete, French Polynesia MAY 2012





6 String Hybrid Redwood Top

6 String Hybrid Tou Top

Modified Classical Large Body AAA Cedar Top Tou Sides and Back

Tahitian Style 4 String "Purau" (Wild Hibiscus) Wood and Tou

Tahitian style 8 Strings
251.00 Euros 30.000 CFP

Hybrid style Tau, Mahogany, and Ebony
4 string 545.00 Euros 65.000 CFP

Hybrid style Tau, Mahogany and Ebony
6 string 565.00 Euros 67.000 CFP

Tahitian style modified
300.00 Euros 35.000CFP

Hawaiian style Tau, Mahogany, and Ebony 880.00Euros 105.000 CFP

Acoustic folk top: AAA grade spurceTau: sides and back neck: Mahogany and Ebony
1.508.00 Euros 180.000 CFP

Acoustic folk top sides and back: Tau neck : Mahogany and Ebony
880.00 Euros 105.000 CFP

KAHA LELE , hybrid between a Tahitian ukulele and Hawaiian ukulele. Tou wood for sound board and Mahogany body and neck. Ebony finger board. It has the Tenor scale length. The sound is very much like the mix between the two styles of ukuleles. Bright quick sound and easy to play. Good for traveling, and parties as it is robust.
price 65.000 CFP or 545.00 Euros.

Tou body. mahogany neck. Ebony finger board, bridge, and tuner head face.
mother of pearl rosette. Gear "Pegheds" tuners 880.00 Euros 105.000 CFP
The sound of Tou and Koa sound boards are very similar

Koa body. Mahogany neck. Ebony finger board and tuner head face. Miro
"milo" bridge . 880.00 Euros 105.000 CFP

Miro "milo" back and sides and bridge. Redwood sound board. Ebony finger
board and tuner head face. Mahogany neck. Tou rosette. 880.00 Euros 105.000 CFP
A louder sound which is clear and carries the notes well.

8 string with ebony and mahogny neck
880.00 Euros 105.000 CFP


Classical guitar with master grade European Spruce and Tou ukulele

Hauata, professional Tahitian entertainer, proud owner of her Te Kaha ukulele.

Tuner head close up. Ebony and Tahitian Mahogany.


Modified classical guitar "big sound"

Honduras rosewood back and sides. Master grade European spruce sound
board. Tahitian Mahogany neck. Ebony finger board and tuner head faces.
Miro "milo" bridge. Inquire for availability

Honduras rosewood back and sides. AAA grade European spruce sound board.
Tahitian Mahogany neck. Ebony finger board and tuner head faces, and bridge
320.000 CFP or 2.681 Euros

Tahitian Mahogany sides and back. Master grade Redwood sound board.
Ebony finger board, bridge, and tuner head faces. Spanish cedar neck.

Light guitar with a slightly less width on the neck and low action good for
jazzy fast playing or Flamenco style. Has a loud clear sound with strong bass
185.000 CFP or 1.550 Euros

Tou back and sides Master grade spruce top. Mahaongany neck, ebony
finger board Miro bridge. Shellac finnish 265.000 CFP and 2220.73 Euros.

Maccaferri Selmer style guitar. Oval hole AA grade spurce top, "Tou"
sides and back, ebony finger board and bridge, mahogany neck with
ebony surport stringer. Shelac finish. Great sound. low action the
great sound you would expect of this type of guitar. 2053.00 Euros.

Classical / Flamenco
AAA Redwood top, " Tou " sides and back, ebony finger board, Milo
bridge, Mahogany neck, mother of pearl inlay rosset, shelac finish.
Light and has great basses and clear trebles at the same time smooth
playing. 2053.00 Euros or 245,000 CFP.

All ukuleles & guitars are hand finished with shellac for better sound projection.

I take orders so please contact me for any questions.
Cell phone +689 87 73 76 64

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